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Project Management
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Professional services and creative companies will benefit from the many functions found within HansaWorld software. Project management, costing and job bag capabilities are
seamlessly integrated with all areas of the accounting system. Suited for:


  • Media agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Lawyers
  • Architects
  • Construction
  • Advertising agencies
  • Consulting / Audit organisations
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction companies
  • Gardening companies
  • Cleaning services
  • IT projects
  • Entertainment organisations
  • Reconstruction companies

Standard ERP for Project Management


Time Billing

Set up as many employees as you want, each with their hourly rates and cost per hour for gross profit calculations. Employees can belong to groups, all with the same rates, for ease of entry and reporting. Job groups can themselves be associated with price lists, so different customers are recharged at different rates for the same person’s time. In addition, you can set up specific discounts or unit prices for individual customers and items (time or costs).

Time sheet entries allow you to enter any quantity of items (usually hours of an employee’s time) against an employee and project. In addition, items can be non-stocked cost items, such as consumables, recharges and the like. To make things even easier, job groups can be restricted to a defined list of items that can be entered on time sheets.

To speed up data entry, clicking Enter or Tab from a blank line copies data from the line above, which can be edited. Posted entries can be amended easily by marking them, 'red-lining' deletions, and adding amended lines.

Time can also be allocated to projects using calendar entries which can be set up to post directly to the project.



HansaWorld provides simple expenses sheets to allow your employees to enter their expenses. The expenses input screen is headed by the employee and only books expenses to that employee. Each line on the expenses screen allows you to post against different Nominal accounts, with the amount of the expense (inclusive of VAT, if any), the item (if any), quantity, and project (job) number. HansaWorld also provides the facility to have someone sign off an expense sheet. Expenses sheets can be in any currency, with a current rate being picked up automatically, by default.

HansaWorld provides reports to show what is owed to each employee. Payments can be made to each employee, as advances or repayments. These show your bank account and the employee’s, for lists to be sent to your bank. Additional bank fees can be added to these payments.

Way lists are also available for employees to enter information about travel time and distance which can also be allocated to a project.

Purchase Invoices


Any purchase invoice entered in the normal way through the Purchase Ledger can be allocated to a project simply by putting the project code on it.

Quotations and Sales Orders


Various functions exist to permit details on quotations and sales orders to be transferred to projects. New projects can be created automatically from quotation details. If a project number has been set on a sales order, which is then shipped, HansaWorld records the shipment in project record which is available when the project invoice is raised.



When you first set up items in HansaWorld, you specify whether they represent time (service items), stock, assembled items, or anything else. Budgets can be set up for each project for any combination of items and employees. For time items, HansaWorld will default to the employee’s recharge price. Each budget line can be marked with a type, that indicates whether future invoices will be based on actual costs or a fixed amount.



HansaWorld handles any schedule of invoicing, and based on budgets, costs or any number of pre-set amounts at any date.
Detail varies from every transaction to one line per project, but alternatively allows listing by item or by item group.

HansaWorld allows you to set up a default presentation for an invoice, which can be varied for any project. This determines the level of detail independently for entries from time sheets (time and consumables), and for purchases.

Detail varies from every transaction to one line per project, but alternatively allows listing by item or by item group.

Prior to invoicing, you may change the quantity or price of any time based item. Markups can be associated with each item, so that they can be recharged at the marked up price from the job. Alternatively, you may change the mark-up percentage for any item prior to invoicing.

Invoices can be raised automatically across jobs for a client.

HansaWorld provides an on-screen report for all items on a project yet to be invoiced. Like many key reports in HansaWorld, this has full drill-down, both for transactions and budget details. You can double-click down to the detailed transaction, and edit quantity, price, discount or mark-up figures to make final adjustments prior to invoicing. Billable entries can be marked as 'invoice after date' and any number of interim down payment or deposit invoices can be raised and set off against the final invoice.

Links to Payroll


HansaWorld can easily export time sheet information for import into an external payroll package. The payroll summaries can also be exported from payroll packages for import into the HansaWorld nominal ledger. See your HansaWorld dealer for advice about imports and exports with other payroll packages.



HansaWorld’s time billing reports include:
- Employee statistics, covering time worked, on what, by project, with productivity details
- Gross profit by project and by employee, if requested showing time, purchases, material and order items separately
- Project invoicing, giving amounts invoiced and yet to be invoiced
- Project transactions, giving amounts against budget
- Project purchases
- Project list, listing all the active and closed projects
- Project profit/loss



Projects can be set up as not invoiceable, to cover internal projects or projects you intend to invoice outside the Job Costing module, for example, using the repetitive billing features of the contract module. Also projects can be closed, to prevent further time being billed to them.
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