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HansaWorld customisation options

In the standard system, a fully functioning web server and ready-to-use webshop are included and tightly integrated with the rest of the system. Hansa Application Language (HAL) is developed by Hansa and is a powerful tool for you (and ourselves) to develop all parts of the system. The language can be compared to Pascal but contains a large number of functions that are frequently used in business applications, such as functions used for reports, exports, for displaying information on the web and so on.

Our developers can customise Standard ERP by extending its capabilities to suite needs of your company.


HAL makes Hansa Financials highly customisable:
• All Windows can be modified.
• Reports, Exports, Maintenance routines, Documents
and Imports can be modifi ed.
• New Windows, Reports, Maintenance Routines, Documents
and Imports can be added.
• You can interface Hansa Financials with other software.
• You can build automatic interactions between registers inside HansaWorld.
• With the fully integrated Web Server you can create a complete Web Shop.
• Add a register of a full customised module to the system.
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