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Business Intelligence with SmartView By HansaWorld

SmartView By HansaWorld

Business opportunities previously impossible or too costly to analyse are now in reach because Hansaworld provides fast, powerful and visual in-memory business analysis tool-without the limitations, cost or complexity of traditional Business Intelligence tools.

SmartView Advantages

Instant queries
It takes time to set up and run any queries in traditional Business
Intelligence tools. They use data cube technologies, requiring
technical users to prepare data in appropriate formats usually the
day before a query can be accessed. Not HansaWorld SmartView -
all queries are run in-memory, meaning that each graphic and table
can be refreshed in real-time.

Immediate deployment
Since the templates are already written, all a HansaWorld customer
has to do to start SmartView is install the software. You can deploy
the full suite in a four hour project, to include the necessary training!

Large data volumes
HansaWorld SmartView uses sophisticated loading techniques to
allow it to be run on even large data volumes. HansaWorld keeps
track of data that was loaded last time, and only loads the latest
SmartView By HansaWorld

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